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I am the hallway
beyond the busted porch-light
sunk in soft shadow—

—the poker parlor
wherein you bet your whole check
(your back-trickle sweat)

I'm a hole in one
whole unto my bodysoul
fierce and uncontrolled

silver dollar coin
minted the year you were born
sweat-palmed, sight unseen

lucky penny gleaned
from the crack in the sidewalk
filthy, but face-up

I am detritus
wild nettle stuck in your sock
your shoes full of rocks

stupid cat twining
between your feet in the dark
ears and eyes straining

I'm that which strains back
I am echolocation!
your mental home-map

radio static
I am peace's affliction

I am recumbent and plush.
Back seat of the bus,

I am the window
against which you press your face
I am the landscape

the sense of motion;
I'm the swell of the ocean
beneath a crane's wings

I'm the song it sings
I'm the breeze the sunrise brings
fuckin' everything!

I am unbalanced,
seeking equilibrium,
someone else's thrum

of bleak momentum.
That unyielding counter-thrust
to check my plummet

(radio spire)
—my endless transmission wave,
secret classifieds:

Wanted: one surface
against which to hurl myself
(preferably skin)

pain, orchids a plus
experience not required
open eyes a must

position open
for limited time only
inquire within


y'all just done got served
ontological haiku
poetry throw-down!
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